Navigation Aid

Navigation AidThis handy Navigation Aid comes free with Pete’s book Navigation: Skills and Techniques for Walkers, which was published by Cicerone towards the end of 2006.

The card has two romers, a millimetre scale and sales for 1:25000 and 1:50000 maps, as well as a handy pacing and timing chart.

The Navigation Aid is also available as a free download. Fill in the form at the foot of this page and we’ll send you the file immediately. Once downloaded ideally this should be printed on an acetate sheet similar to those used on Overhead Projectors.


Mentioned on page 70 of Map and Compass; the art of navigation there are two versions of this routecard available

1. A spreadsheet version of the routecard calculates time taken once height climbed and distance is inputted. Once saved the files can be kept as a computer record of walks you have done.

2. A pdf version which can be printed out and data entered manually.

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