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Why Navigation Skills

Compass on Orienteering map

Why Navigation Skills? Pete Hawkins Twenty-eight years  – it’s a long time and over the past 28 a great deal has happened. The internet, mass computer ownership, mobile phones to name just three.  Twenty-eight years ago I was a twenty-nine year old newish dad, had some hair and worked for the Peak National Park teaching […]

Choose your map scale

One of the regular questions I’m asked is what map scale should one practice with?  Well it every much horses for courses really; if you want to pursue orienteering as a sport, then you need to get used to large map scale (1:5000 or 1:10000 typically although others are used).  If exploring the wilds of […]

Buying a compass

Compasses come in many shapes and sizes, some good, some bad and some very bad. It is important to know what to look for when you’re buying a compass. The diagram on this page shows the essential elements that a compass should have. There are compasses which have more than this but if you buy […]


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