Silva Navigation School Tutors

Pete Hawkins, Director of the Silva Navigation School

Silva Navigation School courses will usually be run by Frag Last, a qualified and seasoned tutor, who has worked within the outdoor learning sector for over twenty five years. Throughout this time, Frag has been delivering training and development courses utilising various aspects of the outdoors to individuals and organisations. Frag has worked with a multitude of clients throughout the UK and has also regularly leads expeditions to far-flung places such as Nepal and Borneo.

From time to time other qualified and experienced tutors will be on hand to assist in the delivery of training and assessment elements as required. All tutors will have as a minimum the Summer Mountain Leader award and an appropriate First Aid qualification, with many years coaching that will ensure you get the most from your time with us at the School. (NNAS courses will also be conducted by people who additionally hold the NNAS Tutor award). 

On occasion you may even be joined by Pete Hawkins, founder of Silva Navigation School and author of navigation training books including – “Map and Compass; the Art of Navigation” and “Navigation; Techniques and Skills for walkers”. 



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